Image calendar generator

Create HTML code to put calendar as above on your website, blog, myspace...

  • image choice, including any web image
  • dynamic time
  • background color choice


Furnished image

Web image ( here with Monday as first week day )

Calendar only


Web image full URL ( http://... )

To copy a web image adress, click on it with mouse right button,
choose properties and copy URL with your mouse, then copy it here in this field

or choose one of the following images below
or don't enter anything, URL nor image, and you will have code for calendar only
with time and with coloured or transparent background

General background

Click on the palette to choose color
or enter a value ( format style : #FFFF00 )
( Don't select color and keep this field empty
for a transparent background )
Click Here to Pick up the color
Don't use dark background to keep calendar readable


Here is your personal calendar :


Follow these 2 steps to put this calendar on your website, blog, myspace...
Select codes with buttons, copy them and paste them as indicated

1. Put this 1st code in the <HEAD> of your page as here :

2. Put this 2nd code where you want in the <BODY>


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