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Beautiful animated letters to use as text in your websites, emails, blogs...
or individually as first letter in your paragraphs
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Thin framed images real sized, thick framed images reduced as thumbnails

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  • In alphabets pages :
    Thin framed images are real sized.
    Thick framed images are reduced as thumbnails
  • Topics without number are extracted from other categories and not counted
  • Text generator provided with all alphabets
  • Alphabets including more or less of followings symbols :
    Uppercase letters
    Lowercase letters
    Accentuated letters
    Marks and some other symbols (&, @, +, -, $...)
    Other special symbols (foreign letters, empty images...)

Generated text examples :
(the application gives you a simple code to insert in your blogs, websites...)

Or copy a single image to insert in your texts, like this :

ove me tender,
ove me sweet,
ever let me go.