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to use , among other things, as wallpapers or screensavers for your iPhone with 10s, 1mn or 10mn interval time between images.
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Australia (1 gifs) 
To use, among other things, as wallpapers or screensavers for your cellphone.
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Asia (110 gifs) 
AVATARS 100x100
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African kids (76 gifs) Chinese (39 gifs) 
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AFRICA: Africa(113 gifs) 
COLLECTIONS: Small series(11 gifs) African boys(24 gifs) Africans(29 gifs) Africans(9 gifs) Masked africans(12 gifs) 

EGYPT: Egypt(157 gifs) 
COLLECTIONS: Small collections(3 gifs) (6 gifs) (7 gifs) 
See Egyptian Religion in RELIGION category
See Mummies in HORROR category

CANADA: Canada(21 gifs) 
Eskimos: Eskimos(30 gifs) 
COLLECTIONS: (9 gifs) (11 gifs) 

Alphabet - Alphabet-2 Bald eagles for USA(17 gifs) Buildings(36 gifs) God bless America(44 gifs)  - Groundhog's day - Independence day - Kwanza Loving America(35 gifs) Miscellaneous(78 gifs) Ribbons(11 gifs) September 11, 2001(37 gifs) 
COLLECTIONS: USA(8 gifs) USA buildings(9 gifs) 
Cowboys: Cowboys(78 gifs) Cowgirls(15 gifs) Rodeos(27 gifs) Sheriffs(19 gifs) 
COLLECTIONS: Cowboys(10 gifs) Cowboys(16 gifs) Cowgirls(17 gifs) 
Native: Native(223 gifs) Native and white people(9 gifs) 
COLLECTIONS: Small collections(6 gifs) Native(7 gifs) Native(21 gifs) Native(15 gifs) Native girls(10 gifs) Totems(5 gifs) 
Politics: Presidency(58 gifs) Uncle Sam(34 gifs) 
COLLECTIONS: Presidency(6 gifs) Uncle Sam(6 gifs) Uncle Sam(11 gifs) 


ASIA: Asia (105) - Asian food - Asian weapons
See asian religions in RELIGION category

CHINA: Chinese astrology - Chinese lamps - Chinese new year - Yin-Yang
COLLECTIONS: Big head(35 gifs) Crest(200 gifs) Hard boiled egg(151 gifs) Leaf(129 gifs) Matsu(288 gifs) Milho(108 gifs) Momoko(11 gifs) Purple head(9 gifs) Wan-Wan(72 gifs)  - Kids - Kids-sports

INDIA: India(65 gifs) 

ISRAEL: See judaism in RELIGION category

JAPAN: Small icons 48x48(812 gifs) 

KOREA: Korean dolls in CHARACTERS category


BASK COUNTRY : Bask country(22 gifs) 

ENGLAND: Small series(4 gifs) 

IRELAND: Saint Patrick - Saint Patrick alphabet - Saint-Patrick cartoons - Shamrock(92 gifs) 

ITALY: Roman

NETHERLANDS: Small series(4 gifs) 

SCANDINAVIA : Vikings - See also Lapps in America (Eskimos)
COLLECTIONS: Vikings(9 gifs) 

SCOTTLAND: Scottish music instruments

In many continents
Countries flags (and other flags) in FLAGS category
Currencies in ECONOMY category
On this page (only for updated categories indicated with ): 3,321 gifs + 115 animated avatars + 111 animated wallpapers.

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