Animated doll with dynamic date/time and message generator
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Create code to insert doll as below in your website, blog, myspace...

  • date/time and message
  • choice of doll and blinking background color for text
  • choice of font size and background color

Your text



Select doll :

General background

Click on the palette to choose color or enter a value ( format style : #FFFF00 )
( Don't select color and keep this field empty for a transparent background )
Click Here to Pick up the color

Select blinkie color :
( Don't select any blinkie and leave text field empty for animation without message  )

Select text size : 
( higher size for very short text ) 


Enter your text : 
( Leave text field empty for animation without message  )

This is your personal doll :


Now, follow this 3 steps to copy your personal doll in your site, blog, myspace...
Select codes with buttons, copy them and paste as indicated

1. Paste this 1st code in the <HEAD> of your page as here :

2. At the end of the <BODY>, paste this 2nd code as here :
<BODY .................... code>

3. In the <BODY>, where you want, paste this 3rd code :

That's all folk, a hard but great job, No ?


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