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Animated Gifs DICTIONARY

Ce dictionnaire en français or automatic translation:

This dictionary gives you access to animated gifs by keywords, expressions.
Glance over pages to find animated images for nearly all themes you want.

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2,281 keywords or expressions, including 1 423 updated in 2016, choose a first letter:
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MAIN CATEGORIES (upper case), Subcategories* (asterisk: several topics for the same word or expression) and Topics.
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Words or expressions without links not yet updated (access from upper menu).
BAB ∎ Babies* ∎ Babies (messages) ∎ Babies accessories ∎ Babies and kids (HQ 240x320) ∎ Babies and storks
BACBackgrounds (website resources)*
BAD ∎ Badger ∎ Badminton*
BAG ∎ Bag
BAHBahamas Bahrain
BAL ∎ Balances ∎ Bald eagle*Ballet*Balloon ∎ Balloon and bear ∎ Balloons ∎ Balls (Christmas)* ∎ Balls (basketball)Balls (emoticons)Balls (football)Balls (soccer)Balls, bubbles (HQ 240x320)
BAM ∎ Bambi
BANBananasBananas (dancing)Bangladesh Banknote* ∎ Bans (music)
BAR ∎ Barack Obama (converted from videos) ∎ Barbados ∎ Barbapapa ∎ Barbecue ∎ Barman* ∎ Bart and hair accessory
BASBaseball*Baseball (converted from videos)Baseball (emoticons)Baseball (smilies)Baseball teams*BasinBask countryBasketball*Basketball (converted from videos)Basketball (smilies)Basketball ballsBasketball teams
BAT ∎ Bat ∎ BathBath (bird) ∎ Baths and kids ∎ BathtubBatman*
BEABeach (emoticons)Beaches ∎ Beaches (HQ 640x960) ∎ Beans, peas*Bear*Bear (HQ 240x320) ∎ Bear (berliner) ∎ Bear (black) ∎ Bear (polar) ∎ Bear (winged) ∎ Bear Creddy* ∎ Bear Forever friends ∎ Bear Tatty ∎ Bear Tatty love ∎ Bear Tatty message ∎ Bear and balloon ∎ Bear and circus ∎ Bear and flower ∎ Bear and food ∎ Bear heads ∎ Bear holidays ∎ Bear leisure ∎ Bear love ∎ Bear love messages ∎ Bear mail ∎ Bear messages ∎ Bear sitting ∎ Bear spoors ∎ Bears (converted from videos) ∎ Beattles ∎ Beauty*Beauty and the beast*Beaver* ∎ Beavis & Butt-Head
BEEBee* ∎ Bee and honey ∎ Beer* ∎ Beetles (cars)
BELBelarus Belgium Belize Bell (holidays) ∎ Bells ∎ Bells (Christmas)* ∎ Belly, oriental dances*
BER ∎ Berliner bear
BET ∎ Betty Boop*
BEY ∎ Beyonce
BIBBibleBiblical characters (HQ 240x320)
BICBicycles* ∎ Bicycles (converted from videos)
BIGBig cat*Big cat (HQ 240x320) ∎ Big cat (HQ 640x960) ∎ Big headBigfoot
BIK ∎ Bikers ∎ Bikes ∎ Bikes (HQ 240x320) ∎ Bikes (HQ 640x960)
BIN ∎ Binocular
BIRBird*Bird (HQ 240x320) ∎ Bird and cat ∎ Bird bathBird holidaysBird loveBird mailBird of prey* ∎ Birds (converted from videos) ∎ Birds (emoticons)Birthday (emoticons) ∎ Birthday according to ages* ∎ Birthday cake Birthday candles ∎ Birthdays ∎ Birthdays cakes ∎ Birthdays messages ∎ Birthdays messages in french
BIS ∎ Bison
BLA ∎ Black Bear ∎ Black Eyed Peas
BLIBlinkies (website resources)*
BLOBlock Blood Blooming flowers
BLUBlue Blue face
BOA ∎ Boar ∎ Boats (inflatable) ∎ Boats (miscellaneous) ∎ Boats (oars) ∎ Boats (sinking) ∎ Boats (speed) ∎ Boats, ships (HQ 240x320)
BODBODYBody building, fitness*Body building, fitness (converted from videos) ∎ Body part (other)
BOLBolivia (Plurinational State of) ∎ Bolts and nuts
BOM ∎ Bombs
BOOBook ∎ Boot
BOSBosnia and Herzegovina
BOTBotswana Bottle boyBottles*
BOU ∎ Boule & Bill ∎ Bounce
BOWBowling*Bowling (converted from videos) ∎ Bows
BOXBoxingBoxing (converted from videos)
BRABrain*Brands (cars)Brands war (computing)Brazil
BREBread* ∎ Breakfast
BRIBridgeBriefcases ∎ Britney Spears
BROBroom and witches
BRUBruce LeeBrunei Darussalam
BUBBubblegum (character)Bubbles (emoticons)Bubbles, balls (HQ 240x320)
BUD ∎ Buddhism
BUG ∎ Bugs Bunny
BUIBuilding Building (HQ 240x320)Building (various)Building in Usa*BUILDINGS, CONSTRUCTIONS
BULBulgaria Bull* ∎ Bulldozers ∎ Bullets ∎ Bullets (website resources)*
BURBureaucrats*Burkina Faso Burst Burundi
BUS ∎ Buses ∎ Bush G.W. (converted from videos)
BUT ∎ Butchers ∎ Butler* ∎ Butterflies (multiple) ∎ Butterfly*Butterfly (HQ 240x320)Buttons sets (website resources)*

or Words beginning with figure in dictionary:
MAIN CATEGORIES (upper case), Subcategories* (asterisk: several topics for the same word or expression) and Topics.
101 dalmatians* ∎ 4x4 vehicles ∎ 50 Cent

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