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Animated Gifs DICTIONARY

Ce dictionnaire en français or automatic translation:

This dictionary gives you access to animated gifs by keywords, expressions.
Glance over pages to find animated images for nearly all themes you want.

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2,281 keywords or expressions, including 1 418 updated in 2016, choose a first letter:
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MAIN CATEGORIES (upper case), Subcategories* (asterisk: several topics for the same word or expression) and Topics.
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Words or expressions without links not yet updated (access from upper menu).
CAB ∎ Cabaret dance ∎ Cabbages*Cabo Verde ∎ Cabs, taxis
CAK ∎ Cakes (birthday) ∎ Cakes (wedding)
CALCalculators ∎ Calimero ∎ Calvin & Hobbes
CAMCambodia ∎ Camel ∎ Camel 3D ∎ Cameras*Cameroon CampfiresCamping*
CANCanada CandelabrumCandelabrum (judaic) ∎ Candies ∎ Candle *Candles* ∎ Candles (holidays)* ∎ Candles and love ∎ Candles and skulls ∎ Candy canes (Christmas)* ∎ CannabisCannabis (HQ 240x320) ∎ Canned food ∎ Cannibals ∎ Cannons
CAR ∎ Car radios ∎ Caravans, mobil-homes ∎ Cards (game)*Care Bears*Carnivorous flowersCarrots* ∎ Cars* ∎ Cars (HQ 240x320) ∎ Cars (HQ 640x960) ∎ Cars (american style ∎ Cars (beetles) ∎ Cars (comics) ∎ Cars (emoticons) ∎ Cars (oldies) ∎ Cars (police) ∎ Cars brands (HQ 240x320)Cars brands (emoticons) ∎ Cars logos ∎ Cars pieces ∎ Cars races ∎ Cartoon (various - avatars 100x100) ∎ Cartoons (Christmas) ∎ Cartoons (Easter) ∎ Cartoons (HQ 240x320) ∎ Cartoons (Halloween) ∎ Cartoons (love) ∎ Cartoons (others) ∎ CARTOONS - MANGAS
CASCash dispenser*Cash registerCasino game*Castle
CATCat*Cat (HQ 240x320) ∎ Cat (HQ 640x960) ∎ Cat (black)Cat (female)Cat (running)Cat (sleeping)Cat and bagCat and ball ∎ Cat and bird ∎ Cat and dog ∎ Cat and fish ∎ Cat and food ∎ Cat and insect ∎ Cat and mouse ∎ Cat emailCat headsCat holidaysCat leisureCat loveCat love messageCat messageCat on windowCat pictureCaterpillar* ∎ Cats (converted from videos) ∎ Cats (emoticons)Cats (multiple) ∎ Cats and dogs (converted from videos)
CEL ∎ Celebrities (converted from videos) ∎ Celtic crosses
CEM ∎ Cement mixers
CENCentaursCentral African Republic
CHAChad ∎ Chains ∎ Chairs (office)* ∎ Champagne ∎ CHARACTERS ∎ Characters (horror, others)* ∎ Characters (miscellaneous - emoticons)Charlie Chaplin
CHECheckbook*Checkered Cheerleaders*Cheerleaders (smilies)* ∎ Cheese ∎ Chefs*ChemestryChemical hazardsCherriesCherubs (HQ 240x320)Chess*
CHIChick*Chicken* ∎ Chicken (food) ∎ Chile Chillis, peppers*China Chinese astrological sign*Chinese faces Chinese kidsChinese kids (sports) ∎ Chinese lamps ∎ Chinese new year
CHO ∎ Chocolate
CHR ∎ Christian crosses ∎ Christian fish ∎ Christina Aguilera ∎ Christmas* ∎ Christmas (HQ 240x320)Christmas (emoticons)* ∎ Christmas Santa ∎ Christmas angels* ∎ Christmas animals* ∎ Christmas ball ∎ Christmas balls* ∎ Christmas bells* ∎ Christmas candy canes* ∎ Christmas cartoons ∎ Christmas characters* ∎ Christmas cookies* ∎ Christmas crib ∎ Christmas houses* ∎ Christmas leprechauns* ∎ Christmas lights ∎ Christmas mail ∎ Christmas messages* ∎ Christmas ornaments ∎ Christmas poinsettia* ∎ Christmas reindeers* ∎ Christmas sleigh ∎ Christmas smiley Christmas snowmen* ∎ Christmas socks* ∎ Christmas trees* ∎ Christmas wreaths
CHU ∎ Chuck Norris ∎ Church
CIC ∎ Cici monkey
CINCinderella* ∎ Cinema* ∎ Cinema (HQ 240x320) ∎ Cinema actors (others) ∎ Cinema actress (others) ∎ Cinema films ∎ Cinema projection
CIRCircus* ∎ Circus animal ∎ Circus bear ∎ Circus polar animal
CITCityCity (HQ 240x320)
CLI ∎ Click (website resources)* ∎ Climbing*
CLOClocks (HQ 240x320)Clocks (alarm)*Clocks (cuckoo)Clocks (others)*Clocks (pendulum) ∎ Cloth ∎ Cloth (HQ 240x320)Cloud *Clouds*Clowns*
COF ∎ Coffee machines ∎ Coffee or tee cups ∎ Coffee or tee pot* ∎ Cofins
COK ∎ Cokes (drink)
COLCold (meteo)Colombia Color ∎ Coloring
COM ∎ Combined gifs (converted from videos) ∎ CometsComets (emoticons) ∎ Comics cars ∎ CommunicationCommunications (HQ 240x320)Comoros ∎ Compass* ∎ Computers ∎ Computers crash* ∎ Computers parts ∎ Computers users* ∎ Computing ∎ Computing (miscellaneous) ∎ Computing (smilies) ∎ Computing messages
CON ∎ Conductors (orchestra) ∎ ConferencesCongo Congo (the Democratic Republic of the) ∎ Consoles ∎ ConstellationsCONSTRUCTIONS, BUILDINGSContinental drift ∎ Converted from videos (others)
COO ∎ Cookies ∎ Cookies (Christmas)* ∎ Cooking ∎ Cooking ranges ∎ Cooks*
CORCorbelCorns ∎ Corrida
COSCosta Rica
COU ∎ Counters (website resources) ∎ COUNTRIESCountries (emoticons) ∎ Countries dances ∎ Country dance
CRACrab ∎ Cradles and kids beds ∎ Crashes (converted from videos) ∎ Crayons
CRECreatures Creatures (emoticons) ∎ Creddy* ∎ Credit cards*Crest boy
CRI ∎ Cribs (Christmas) ∎ Critters (HQ 240x320)
CROCroatia Crocodile* ∎ Crosses (celtic) ∎ Crosses (christian) ∎ Crosses (others) ∎ Crowns
CRU ∎ Crustacean (other)*
CRYCrystal ball Crystal ballsCrystal balls (emoticons)
CUBCuba ∎ Cubes (toy)
CUCCuckoo clocksCucumbers*
CUPCupid*Cups, trophies, medals*
CUTCutlery* ∎ Cutting tools
CYCCycles (others) ∎ Cycling (converted from videos) ∎ Cyclones
CZECzech Republic
COTCôte d'Ivoire

or Words beginning with figure in dictionary:
MAIN CATEGORIES (upper case), Subcategories* (asterisk: several topics for the same word or expression) and Topics.
101 dalmatians* ∎ 4x4 vehicles ∎ 50 Cent

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