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Animated Gifs DICTIONARY

Ce dictionnaire en français or automatic translation:

This dictionary gives you access to animated gifs by keywords, expressions.
Glance over pages to find animated images for nearly all themes you want.

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2,285 keywords or expressions, including 1 433 updated in 2016, choose a first letter:
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MAIN CATEGORIES (upper case), Subcategories* (asterisk: several topics for the same word or expression) and Topics.
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SAFSafe box*
SAI ∎ Sailboats ∎ Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Saint Lucia ∎ Saint Patrick* ∎ Saint Patrick (emoticons)Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
SAMSamoa Samurais*
SANSan Marino ∎ Sandwiches ∎ Santa
SAOSao Tome and Principe
SAU ∎ Sauces ∎ Saudi Arabia ∎ Sausages
SAW ∎ Saws
SAX ∎ Saxophones
SCA ∎ Scales ∎ Scarab (egyptian)
SCH ∎ School* ∎ School (emoticons)
SCO ∎ Scooby Doo ∎ Scorpion ∎ Scottish music
SCRScreens* ∎ Screwdrivers ∎ Screws
SEASea lion*Sea-lion ∎ Seahorse ∎ Seal*Seamen (emoticons) ∎ Search (website resources) ∎ Seasons greetings
SEPSeptember 11 (Usa)
SERSerbia Serbia Montenegro
SES ∎ Sesame
SHAShakespeare ∎ Shakira ∎ Shamrock ∎ Shark*
SHESheep* ∎ Shell ∎ Sheriffs
SHIShields*Ships, boats (HQ 240x320) ∎ Shirt ∎ Shit
SHOShoe*Shoes ShopShoppingShower
SIESierra Leone
SIG ∎ Signage signs ∎ Signage stop ∎ Signs (roadworks) ∎ Signs (signage)
SIL ∎ Silhouettes (dancing)
SIM ∎ Simpsons*
SINSingapore ∎ Singers (others) ∎ Sinterklaas
SIS ∎ Sisters
SKA ∎ Skate (converted from videos) ∎ Skateboards*
SKESkeleton ∎ Skeletons*
SKISkiing*Skiing (converted from videos)Skiing (water)* ∎ Skipping rope ∎ Skirt, gown
SKUSkull ∎ Skulls ∎ Skulls (pirates) ∎ Skulls and candles ∎ Skulls and slashers
SKYSkydiving*Skydiving (converted from videos)Skyscraper
SLA ∎ Slam Dunk ∎ Slashers and skulls
SLE ∎ Sleeping beauty* ∎ Sleigh (Santa)
SLI ∎ Slices
SLOSlovakia Slovenia ∎ Slow motion
SMISmiley *Smilies*Smilies (medium size)Smilies (various - HQ 240x320)Smilies 3D*Smilies set (zodiac)*
SMO ∎ Smoking*
SMU ∎ Smurfs
SNASnail*Snake*Snake charmerSnap hook
SNO ∎ Snoopy & Peanuts ∎ Snow*Snow (HQ 240x320)Snow (emoticons)Snow White*SnowballsSnowflakes*Snowflakes (emoticons)Snowman (Olaf, the frozen snowman)Snowmen*Snowmen (Christmas)*Snowmen (holidays)*Snowmen and animalsSnowmen and kids
SOA ∎ Soap bubbles
SOCSoccer*Soccer (balls)Soccer (converted from videos)*Soccer (countries)*Soccer (emoticons)Soccer (smilies)*Soccer (teams)*Soccer (world cup) ∎ Socks ∎ Socks (Christmas)*
SOD ∎ Sodas
SOLSoldiers*Solomon Islands
SON ∎ Sonic
SOUSouth Africa ∎ South Park*
SPASpace Space (miscellaneous)Spain ∎ Spanners
SPE ∎ Speed boats
SPI ∎ Spices ∎ Spider*SpidermanSpinning Spinning tops* ∎ Spirou
SPO ∎ Spongebob ∎ Spoon*Spoor ∎ Spoors (bear) ∎ Sports Sports (HQ 240x320)Sports (chinese kids)Sports (miscellaneous or multiple)*Sports (others - emoticons)*Sports galleries (smilies) ∎ Sports, others (converted from videos) ∎ Sporty animalsSpotlights*
SPRSpring* ∎ Springs
SPY ∎ Spyglasses
SRISri Lanka
STAStainedglass Stamps*StaplersStar * ∎ Star trek ∎ Star trek shipsStar wars ∎ Starfish ∎ Stargate ∎ Stars* ∎ Stars (David) ∎ Stars (HQ 240x320)Stars (emoticons)Stationery
STO ∎ Stop (sign) ∎ Store ∎ Storks and babies ∎ Storms
STRStrange Strawberries* ∎ Stringed instruments* ∎ Strollers
SUB ∎ Submarines
SUMSummer*Summer (emoticons)Sumo wrestling*Sumo wrestling (converted from videos)
SUNSun*Sun (emoticons)Sun and moonSundialsSunflowersSunsets (HQ 240x320) ∎ Sunsets (HQ 640x960)
SUP ∎ Superheroes (cinema)* ∎ Superman
SURSurfing*Surfing (converted from videos)Suriname
SWE ∎ Sweater ∎ Sweden
SWISwimming*Swimming (converted from videos)Swimming (synchronised - converted from videos)Swimming (synchronised)* ∎ Swiss army knife ∎ Switzerland
SWO ∎ Sword in the stone ∎ Swords
SYMSymbols Symbols (egyptian religion)
SYNSynchronised swimming*Synchronised swimming (converted from videos)
SYRSyria (Syrian Arab Republic)

or Words beginning with figure in dictionary:
MAIN CATEGORIES (upper case), Subcategories* (asterisk: several topics for the same word or expression) and Topics.
101 dalmatians* ∎ 4x4 vehicles ∎ 50 Cent

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