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Animated Gifs DICTIONARY

Ce dictionnaire en français

This dictionary gives you access to animated gifs by keywords, expressions.
Glance over pages to find animated images for nearly all themes you want.

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2,304 keywords or expressions, including 1 471 updated in 2016, choose a first letter:
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MAIN CATEGORIES (upper case), Subcategories* (asterisk: several topics for the same word or expression) and Topics.
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Words or expressions without links not yet updated (access from upper menu).
WALWalking, runningWalky talkyWalletWalrus*
WANWan Wan
WAR ∎ War (miscellaneous) ∎ WAR AND FIGHTS ∎ Warning (website resources) ∎ Wars (ancient)*
WASWashing (emoticon)Washing machineWashingWasp*
WATWatches (pocket)Watches (wrist)*Water (HQ 240x320)Water animal (HQ 240x320) ∎ Water animal love ∎ Water animal mail ∎ Water animals Water animalWater bird*Water lily, lotusWater poloWater skiing (converted from videos)Water skiing*Water sport (emoticon)Water sport (smiley) ∎ Water, pool (converted from video) ∎ Watermelon, melonWatermillWater
WEAWEALTH, ECONOMY, MONEYWealth ∎ Weapon (converted from video) ∎ Weapon (smiley) ∎ Weapons (asian) ∎ Weapons (firearms) ∎ Weapons (future) ∎ Weapons (middle-age) ∎ Weather (emoticon)Weather presenters
WEDWedding ring ∎ Weddings cakes ∎ Weddings*
WEI ∎ Weight lifting (converted from video) ∎ Weight lifting (converted from videos)Weight lifting (smiley)Weight lifting
WEL ∎ Welcome (website resources)*
WESWestern Sahara*
WHA ∎ Whale
WHI ∎ White bear
WIL ∎ Wile E.coyote & Roadrunner
WIN ∎ Wind instruments ∎ WindmillWindow (building)*Windows (computing) ∎ Windsurf ∎ Wind ∎ Wine ∎ Winged bear ∎ Winner (smiley) ∎ Winnie the pooh* ∎ Winnie WindelWinter (emoticon)Winter sport (emoticon)Winter sport (smiley)Winter*Winx
WITWitches and potionsWitches hatsWitches on broomWitches*
WIZWizard, magician*
WOLWolf (HQ 240x320) ∎ Wolfmen ∎ Wolf*
WOMWoman (HQ 240x320)Woman face (HQ 240x320)
WOOWoodpeckerWood *
WORWorld cup (soccer)
WRE ∎ Wreaths (Christmas) ∎ Wrecks ∎ Wrenchs
WRIWrist watches*WritersWriting

or Words beginning with figure in dictionary:
MAIN CATEGORIES (upper case), Subcategories* (asterisk: several topics for the same word or expression) and Topics.
101 dalmatians* ∎ 4x4 vehicles ∎ 50 Cent

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