Free glitter text maker
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This free generator create flash glitter text  as below to use in your website, blog...

It offers 99 different glitters, 21 polices and many options
to customize your personal text. And it's FREE.

  • Choose font and glitter from list.
  • Specify effects you want to be applied to your text.
  • Select effects options (colors, intensity, alphas).
  • Type the text you want to see in the text field. Specify font size and letterspace.
  • Don't be efraid if your text is bigger than mask, it will be OK when generated from provided code.
  • When you are happy with the result just press "COPY HTML CODE" button which automatically will copy generated code.
    Now you are ready to paste your code wherever you want !
  • ENJOY, enter your text, modify options, changes will appear immediately.
Click in this frame below to activate generator